National Day Rally 2019: On How Singapore Plans To Tackle Climate Change

In this year’s National Day Rally 2019 speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long talks about global warming being “one of the greatest challenges facing humankind.”

It’s about time Singapore takes a strong stance against global warming, especially since it is predicted that rising sea levels would flood lower parts of our island.

Here’s what we learn from PM Lee’s speech on climate change during the National Day Rally 2019.

What Is Climate Change And Why We Should Care?

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The main agenda on climate change for National Day Rally 2019 is: Protecting people from climate change and renewing Singapore for the next century. 

PM Lee starts off by sharing how the earth’s average temperature has risen by 1 degree since pre-industrial times (100 years ago) and how this increase is significant as it will result in sea levels to rise by 1 meter in just 80 years from

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