Ripple Coin โ€“ A Simple Guide for Beginners

You may have heard about Ripple if you have been in crypto long enough. You may have heard arguments for or against it but probably never heard a well-balanced argument that covers both sides of the equation.

This is mainly because of Ripple’s nature. It is polarizing at times, different form bitcoin and its cousins, yet it is a needed cryptocurrency.

Ripple Coin existed long before Bitcoin came onto the picture. This surprises many people. But its success story is intertwined with bitcoin.

Ripple cryptocurrency //Source: Pixabay

And its relationships and partnerships with banks could be considered treasonous. Cryptocurrencies allow you to transact without intermediaries such as banks.

“Long bitcoin, short banks,” bitcoin maximalists say.

On whose side is Ripple Coin on? Does it side with the banks? Or crypto maximalists who advocate for anonymous, faster, low-cost transactions?

Maybe people need to accept that Ripple is a bridge

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