These 3 Companies Could Multiply Your Wealth Over Time

Every investor is on the lookout for companies that can grow their earnings and cash flow over the long term.

Such companies qualify as great candidates to hold for the long term, as the value of the business will steadily increase over time, and the investor may also enjoy higher levels of dividends along the way.

The problem, as always, is in finding companies that display strong business moats, prudent management, and a sturdy, well-thought-out long-term plan.

In order to find such companies, investors need to look out for several traits:

a large (and hopefully) growing market management with a long-term strategic plan and vision, and a strong market presence that can allow such companies to penetrate into either new segments or new territories.

Here are three companies I believe possess such traits and have the potential to grow and multiply your investment over time.

Disclaimer: This is not a

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