What is Bitcoin Cash – How to buy, sell & convert

Bitcoin Cash is a spin-off of the popular Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The altcoin’s proponents allege that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) carries the original idea of bitcoin of being a transactional currency. Bitcoin Cash inherits most of its properties from its parent cryptocurrency.

The people who held BTC at the time of the bitcoin fork held an equivalent amount of BCH as the new altcoin became a standalone digital asset. For all intentions and purposes, it is supposed to perform better than BTC in terms of scaling and low and fast transaction fees.

It has also been the subject of a controversial fork at the height of the 2018 “Great cryptocurrency crash” and was widely referred to as a civil war due to the negative effects on the entire industry. Bitcoin Cash is now one of the leading digital currencies by market capitalization and is used for fast transactions.

BCH wallet: //Source: Wikimedia

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